Morale, not money

Nov 17 2003 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Motivating staff is about more than money. That’s the message from Mike English, business development director with the management consultant Quantum Consultancy interviewed for the Sunday Times Business Section.

“Business owners tend to distance themselves too much from their employees,” he says. “Often it is just a case of sitting down and talking to your staff. One thing that is lacking in a lot of organisations is a regular meeting where individuals are allowed to air their views openly without repercussion, put forward their ideas and feel part of a team. This should take place at least once every three months and suggestions should come from the shop floor up.”

“What motivates staff is if they believe that people are recognised for their achievements, that they are being provided with personal development and training opportunities so they can further themselves, and that they are given some control over their own work.”

Sunday Times | Spur on staff with morale not money