Exploding the myths of holocracy

May 22 2014 by Dawna Jones Print This Article

Until US online shoe and clothing retailer Zappos announced that it was embracing it as an organizational structure, you had probably never heard the term 'holocracy'.

Whether they like it or not, the world is changing and companies need to adapt fast to the new conditions. So what does holacracy do that traditional hierarchies and structures can't?

Traditional business wastes a lot of time and money with infighting, ineffective meetings, and management bottlenecks. Holacracy offers an alternative. Diederick Janse gives a 40,000 foot view on why holacracy works better for companies wanting to adapt to change.

In this 15-minute briefing, you can learn:

  • Why Holacracy is different from traditional hierarchy. Hint: It's not about giving up management.
  • How you gain engagement by letting go of control.
  • Why the media got it completely wrong in the way they reported Zappos embrace of Holacracy.