Tweet you way to an MBA

Jul 08 2011 by Brian Amble Print This Article

If you're something of a dab hand with the pithy 140-character Tweet and fancy a helping hand to study for an MBA, the University of Iowa has just the thing for you.

The Tippie Full-time MBA program is awarding one full-tuition award package to the applicant who most creatively Tweets an answer to the question, "What makes you an exceptional Tippie MBA candidate and full-time MBA hire? Creativity encouraged!" The award, which comes from private funding, will be presented to a student entering the program in fall 2011.

If the 140-character limit proves too limiting, you can link to other social media such as blogs, video, Facebook, or a web page.

Colleen Downie, senior assistant dean of the full-time MBA program said: "We think that by saying 'creativity encouraged,' we open the door and allow people to go way beyond 140 characters."

"The best Tweets aren't all-encompassing, they are teasers that lead the user somewhere else on the Web where they can dive deeper. This exercise encourages applicants to show us they can draw someone in and so dive deeper."

The award is valued at $37,000 and the deadline for the Tweet is July 28.