Why women make better bosses

Aug 24 2010 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Do women make better bosses? Professor Khalid Aziz, CEO of leadership development consultants the Aziz Corporation, is convinced they do. Women have a less short-termist outlook, are more holistic, big-picture and reasonable, he argues.

Female managers also have a more level-headed view of business important in keeping their companies out of trouble than their male counterparts, the consultancy claims.

What's more, when times get tough, what he describes as "red-meat-eating male bosses" get ever more focused on "the kill" - in other words, short-termism prevails at the expense of seeing a more balanced big picture.

Aziz's top 10 reasons why women make better bosses might be food for thought.

  1. In a still-sexist world, women have to be better than men to succeed
  2. Less "bullet-headed" than men and prefer to understand the big picture before proceeding
  3. More adaptable to the needs to change
  4. More willing to see other people's points of view
  5. Less bloody-minded in conflict
  6. More holistic people-managers understanding the different influences on staff
  7. More willing to admit mistakes
  8. Better collaborators
  9. More open to seeing their own failings
  10. Better team players