Fired by Facebook

Mar 23 2010 by Brian Amble Print This Article

We've head of people being fired via email and even by text message, but it might just be that 16-year old Chelsea Taylor from Leigh in the UK is the first person ever to be fired via her Facebook page.

According to the Daily Mail, the teenager was fired from her part-time Saturday job after losing £10 given to her to buy biscuits for staff.

The barely-literate message apparently read:

"hiya Chelsea its Elaine from work. Sorry to send u a message like this but bin tryin to ring u but gettin no joy.

'I had to tell the owner bout u losin that tenner coz obviously the till was down at the end of day. she wasn't very pleased at all and despite me trying to persuade her otherwise she said I have to let u go. I'm really sorry."

Whatever next?