A Tribute to Derek Torres

Oct 30 2009 by Brian Amble Print This Article

The team at Management-Issues would like to pay a special tribute to our blogger Derek Torres who died in Paris on Tuesday night.

For a number of years Derek has made valuable weekly contributions to our Musings on the Workplace Blog. When he wasn't taking the side of the underdog and exposing bad management or highlighting the need for change, Derek made us smile with a dose of his insightful humour and wit.

Thank you Derek for all your hard work and commitment to helping make work a better place we will miss you.

He leaves behind him a wife and three young children.

Nicola Hunt (Managing Editor)


Older Comments

Very sad news - best wishes to his family

Andy Hanselman Sheffield, Yorkshire

I just wanted to thank you for the tribute. My cousin was a good man and we will miss him dearly.

Christopher Torres Chicago

Thank you for the tribute to my brother. I had no idea that this Blog existed. It has been wonderful to read through two years of my brother's thoughts and advice. Christopher is correct, my brother was a great man who absolutely loved his family. It's nice to see that so many other people got to see how special of a person he was. We'll miss you D.

Josh Torres Indianapolis, IN

I saw the Tribute and was very sorry to hear about Derek.

Bryan Alaspa (fellow blogger) Chicago

Our thoughts and prayers to Derek's family following this tragic loss.

Phil Whiteley UK

Your words gave a view On the old and the new; Read by many and few They were valued as true; So wherever you flew We wish you adieu !

Charles Helliwell London, UK

Derek's contributions to the world will be missed. Prayers for his wife and family.

Dan Bobinski Boise, Idaho

You left way too early buddy, But we always remember you: Great mind, big body, bigger friend.

Rest in Peace, Derek!

Condolence to the whole family!

Sorinel CRISTESCU (colleague)

Sorinel Cristescu France