Thumbs up for flexibility

Oct 19 2009 by Derek Torres Print This Article

Here's the million dollar question: can a flexible boss improve your health? It seems quite an easy question to answer. Let me count the ways.

A boss with a propensity for flexibility can almost single-handedly relieve stress. Just think about that rainy Monday morning where you child has a fever and runny and can't go to school. On top of trying to sort that all out, you're wondering what they're going to say at the office.

The answer of "go ahead and work from home while you can" or "that's fine if you need to take the day" or even "don't worry about it, take care of your situation and we'll see you later" makes a demonstrably huge difference.

In the day and age of H1N1, a flexible boss who allows people to work remotely or to limit meetings to avoid exposure can also do wonders for your health. Can you imagine having a boss who sees things only as black/white and insists that the show must always go on?

Also, a flexible boss is something that just naturally brings out your better side. I know that I always work better when I know that I have a boss who is willing to take each situation as it comes and find a positive solution for all involved.