Reconnecting your people

Sep 18 2009 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Job cuts, endemic uncertainty, too much change too quickly – it's little wonder that so many people feel pretty alienated from their organisations at the moment. So here's some very sound advice from consultants Watson Wyatt about the steps you can take to reconnect employees.

1. Create an organisation structure and job architecture that is clear, effective and efficient so that everyone understands their role and how they contribute to organisation success.

2. Articulate and be honest about your employment deal, even in today's tough high unemployment market. This is key to effective attraction, retention and engagement of key talent.

3. Review executive compensation to achieve the optimum balance on alignment with shareholders and driving value in the business, including risk effectiveness, performance and retention.

4. Review sales compensation regularly to ensure that the plans are aligned with new business priorities and drive optimum performance at optimum cost.

5. Review how performance is managed to ensure it accurately reflects the new corporate reality and is motivating your key talent.

6. Identify the talent you have to ensure you continue to retain those that will contribute most to your business in the long term.

7. Ensure you reward for exceptional performance and not the norm. Make this a reality now and it will ensure you are able to manage whatever the economic situation.

8. Ensure you have excellent management information and let the systems take the strain. Base decisions on facts and analysis, not emotion and rhetoric.

9. Ensure you understand where critical roles and skills sit. In times of retrenchment businesses may have looked to keep good people rather than those in key roles that will drive future performance.

10. Continue to keep leadership visible and communication open. Let staff know where the business is heading, what they need to do and how they will be rewarded.