A hotbed of passion?

Aug 03 2009 by Derek Torres Print This Article

I read with some amusement today that the best way to start an office affair is at the company picnic. I wonder if that means I should be sad or grateful that our office doesn't have one. The same article also informed me that half of American workers have had a romantic liaison with a co-worker. Wow - can this be true?

The article continues that married folks should never pass up an opportunity to bring their spouse to a company picnic or social event. Is it because I should want to spend more time with my missus or give her an idea of the kind of company for which I work?

No, of course not. Rather, I should bring her to make the other ladies jealous step off, ma'am, look what I have at home or, better yet, to prevent me (or you) from getting absolutely leery on beer.

Sorry, but these reasons are all absolutely naff.

First and foremost, I have a hard time believing that there are that many office romances that occur especially since many companies outlaw them. Call me nave or just call me ugly or dull, because I've never been involved in one.

I especially find the reasoning behind bringing one's spouse to an event insulting, both to the employee and their spouse. Besides, does anyone think that showing a co-worker who has the hots for you that you that you've got a spouse will have any effect? Do you really think that would stop either party (employee or colleague) from doing something they shouldn't?

This article seems to forget why it is most of us get up and go in to the office five days per week we have bills to pay.

Perhaps it says something about my employer, or I need to worry more about my libido, but I have way too much work to squeeze into my day to think about getting divorced by hooking up with someone at the office. Isn't that the way my boss and spouse like it to be?


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These things really do happen, and can absolutely devastate more than one life. I know, and wrote about it in 'Sleeping with the CEO's Daughter'. Not a sexy intimate nonfiction book: more a revealing look at the emotional and financial struggles that followed. A lesson to all!

Tom Herod Washington DC