What's hiding in your kitchen?

Jul 10 2009 by Derek Torres Print This Article

What is the most disgusting place in your office? Or, rather, what part of your office most reminds you of home? If I had to answer either question, the answer would be the same – the kitchen. And apparently I'm not the only person who thinks that.

The kitchen at work is an amazing place. First, you've got the sink area, which features an impressive collection of utensils (plastic and aluminum). Sadly, this area never seems to be completely clean. Although some people take the time to wash what use, in many cases, dishes and forks are left to stink up the sink area. As the aforementioned article points out, there is usually nobody to clean up after you.

Then comes the refrigerator – this is where you can find months' old ketchup and mustard packets, lunches abandoned for some time, a container that leaks, etc. No one has bothered to add a deodorizer to the refrigerator, so it's a cornucopia of smells and foods – some ripe, some rancid.

In both cases, we're reminded that despite being college-educated adults, some of us still expect mama to follow up after us at work, as at home. Still a bit sad!