Handling a workplace romance

Jun 18 2009 by Print This Article

Although they are generally discouraged, the fact is that people do fall in love and enter relationships with co-workers. After all, when you spend eight hours a day with people and have little time for outside relationships, the connections get made at work.

So if you do find youself in a workplace relationship, how should you behave? This article by the aptly-named "Love Guru" has some suggestions.

First, it's best to avoid workplace romances from the get-go. They can lead to complications and if one member in the relationship is suddenly promoted, it can really cause problems.

Second, if you do find yourself in a romance you should limit your workday contact. Nothing can kill a relationship faster than spending twenty-four hours a day with each other. Also, limit what you say about your co-worker and your relationships to others in the office.

Third, do not show up and then leave the office at the same time as the person you are in a relationship with. This is especially true if you are trying to keep the relationship a secret.

Fourth, make good use of company activities such as parties and picnics. This is a good time to spend with the one you love without raising eyebrows. Just try not to be overly affectionate in front of everyone else.

The "Love Guru" has numerous tips to get you through it. The tips are particularly relevant for those at companies with rules against such relationships, thus necessitating keeping it secret. So, if you are determined to enter into such a relationship, learn what you need to in order to keep it quiet.