Want to take a shower?

May 28 2009 by Derek Torres Print This Article

Ever wish you could take a shower while at work? Ever wish that others could take a shower while at work? Believe it or not, there's actually a small movement for this luxury, according to a recent article. To be honest, on a day like today (it's HOT!), it would be more than welcome.

There is a belief held by some that we do our best thinking while lathered up under the shower faucet. While I can see that point of view, I'd say that I'd do my best thinking while lying on a hammock in my backyard. I suspect that my employer would not take to that view as readily I would.

First, one has to wonder how many facilities actually have the room and inclination to pull such a feet off, after all, most of us don't work in a gym. When would people take a shower? During their lunch or smoke break?

Currently, my office has shower facilities that are not used frequently. In fact, only colleagues who go to the gym or go running ever use the showers.

To me, this sounds like a slightly over the top idea that wouldn't realistically improve productivity or office morale. It would just raise the company's water bill.