Why we're so upset about work

May 26 2009 by Print This Article

We all know from the literally hundreds of websites and blogs out there about the world of work that a large proportion of us hate our employers. Maybe this is something that has been going on as long as there have been bosses and the people who work for them.

But what is it we're so upset about? Why are we so angry? An article at TheSpec.com takes a look at this and tries to analyze it.

The article interviews Bruce Katcher who wrote the book "30 Reasons Employees Hate their Managers: What Your People May Be Thinking and What You Can Do About It." Katcher runs a consulting firm which specializes in job satisfaction surveys. He claims that he has received over 50,000 employee complaints.

The reasons we hate work so much are pretty predictable Ė which makes it all the more sad that they're still such a problem for so many people.

According to Katcher , "research has found that 46 per cent of employees believe management treats them with disrespect, 63 per cent say that decisions in their company are usually not made at the appropriate level, 52 per cent do not feel free to voice their opinions openly, 43 per cent say their good work goes unrecognized and 53 per cent say their boss doesn't personally motivate them."

Katcher also breaks down reasons why being a good boss is so difficult. Essentially, he argues, most of those in management have not been properly trained to manage and deal with people. Also, since so many employees hate their job and their bosses, they don't have any good role models or mentors to make them any better once they get there.

So, if you feel like your boss mistreats you, you are not alone. In fact, there may be some scientific proof that you are correct in your feelings.