The worst of the worst

May 19 2009 by Print This Article

You thought your workplace was bad?, the website for Inc. Magazine, has collected some truly horrific workplace stories that might just put your problems into perspective.

The first is one that you would only expect to see in a movie as it recounts how a CEO expensed the purchase of a handgun and a bullet-proof vest after laying off half of the work force and then threw a chair at the accountant who approved the expense.

Then there's the tale of two sales reps who decided they would treat themselves before their big pitch meeting. They bought themselves large Slurpees from a local convenience store which left their mouths and lips cherry red and lime green, eliciting laughter when they walked into their meeting. They didn't get the contract.

How about the two developers who were excited to meet their new clients? They were stunned to walk into the building and discover that everyone in the place was a nudist. The fact that the tower was called "Naked City' should have been the giveaway, but they apparently missed it.

If you are about to head into a significant meeting and have a newborn, you may want to be very careful if you have to change the child. One woman discovered that when she changed her child and grabbed what she thought was her purse, it was, in fact, the old diapers she had just removed. The smell reportedly preceded her entrance.

There are many more stories. All of them are likely to make you cringe, make you laugh, and probably make you feel a little better about your own office.