Cool jobs

May 06 2009 by Print This Article

Even with the economy as bad as it is you may be looking for a new job. Of course, what job do you want? That may be something you've never been able to answer during your entire career so far. So, what jobs are "cooler" than the one you have now? This article by Rachel Zupek, for takes a look at some options.

1. Cruise director – imagine a job that requires you to travel to all of the exotic and tropical places around the world and live and work on luxurious cruise ships. If you are the organized type and love to travel, this might be right up your alley.

2. Doll doctor – yes, there are actually people called "doll doctors." These are the people who can sew and repair antique dolls, valuable dolls, and even just the sentimental dolls that are the beloved collectibles of adults and children everywhere. Into fixing things?

3. Foley artist – they wok on movies and they provide those sound effects like the effect of a guy getting punched in the face. Sure, it makes a bit of a sound in real life, but if you mike a piece of meat and hit it, it sure sounds better on film. If you like movies and have a creative streak, this one could be for you.

4. Food critic- how about a job where you get to try out all kinds of restaurants and eat all kinds of foods and then get paid to write about it. If you love food, can describe things pretty well, and give your opinion, then this is the job to consider.

5. Video game tester – yes, there are people who get paid to play video games. You have to be able to test the games to figure out if all of the programming is working. So, all of that time you spent playing video games and were told it was a waste, could actually lead to a great career.

There are five more for you to consider in the article as well. Maybe now is the time to reconsider the path you're on.