A healthier option

Apr 27 2009 by Derek Torres Print This Article

One of the things that I find more common in European offices than in the United States is the concept of a canteen. In fact, I don't ever recall working in an office in the US that had a canteen on site. Sure, they exist, but I was accustomed to the hole-in-the-wall sized shop that sold junk food.

Over here in Europe, however, it is quite a different experience, and a positive one at that! The meals are often quite balanced (and good), which leads me to the topic of this post - recognition of food services companies that stand out in terms of offering a nutritious and balanced canteen offering.

What pleases me the most about this list of companies is that they did the right thing. I'm not going to delude myself into thinking that there wasn't profit motive behind it, but it's likely that these service-oriented companies listened to the desires of their clients and offered meals adapted to their demands. More and more people are choosing to eat healthier, or at least have healthy foods as an option. This means less saturated fats and salts, and more fruit and vitamins.

What's also surprising is that government didn't get involved in this process and require such offerings. As someone who loves to eat, it's nice to see that there are options that allow you to eat right without having to go out of the way to find them.

The list of recognized food service companies in the UK contained more companies than I expected. Perhaps we can expect to see more and more companies providing healthy fare in canteens across the UK. If their corporate survival depends on it, then you can count on it!