Looking for some work fun?

Apr 23 2009 by Print This Article

It can be tough keeping yourself sane while at work. You are stuck in a cubicle and, in general, the people around you don't want to be there any more than you do. Your boss is probably a pain in your behind and shows you no appreciation or support.

So what do you so? One of the ways to stay sane, according to ejabs.com, is to play the Office Dares game.

The game breaks down the dares into a point system. For example, there are one point dares. These include: running one lap around the office, ignoring the first five people who say hello to you in the morning, leave your zipper open and when someone points it out tell them you prefer it that way. Someone, obviously, will need to keep track of your points.

The three-point dares include the following: babbling incoherently to a co-worker and then asking them if they "got all that," kneeling in front of the water cooler and drinking directly from the nozzle, when someone is counting just start shouting random numbers. There are others as well.

The largest list is of five-point dares which include: moving a co-worker's chair to the elevator when they step out, referring to everyone around you as "Bob" for an hour, in a tense meeting when everyone is talking smacking your forehead and telling everyone to shut up, asking a co-worker if they would like to trade keyboards. The list of five-point dares goes on for a very long time.

So, if you feel truly daring and you and some co-workers are exceptionally bored, you may want to check out the full list. Just be careful, in case you haven't heard, jobs are scarce and the economy is bad right now. . .