Advice for night owls

Apr 21 2009 by Print This Article

One of the key things to consider when you are looking for a job is whether or not you want to spend the entire day working or stay up all night working. There are people who prefer to sleep during the times when the sun is down and there are those who actually prefer to stay awake.

So if you're a night owl working in a day job, you may be in the wrong place. Enter this article on by Rachel Zupek with some suggestions for those who roam the night.

The first career field Zupek mentions is the "protective service worker" field. These are people who need to work around the clock to protect other people and their property. Prison guards are also in this field.

In the healthcare field there are also needs for people to work nights. At hospitals and retirement homes qualified healthcare workers need to be able to provide around the clock care.

If you like stress in addition to working all night there are air-traffic controllers. At some of the busier airports they need a full compliment of controllers to make sure the planes take off and land safely even in the dead of night.

Some other jobs you may want to consider include: casino workers, taxi drivers, computer operators, pastry chefs and bakers and lab technicians. All of these careers require round-the-clock people to keep working. So, if sleep is something that just isn't for you, you may want to consider venturing into one of them.