Alphabet soup

Mar 03 2009 by Print This Article

If you have looked at peoples' resumes recently, many seem to be made up of a new kind alphabet soup. You see acronyms all over the place such as "CMP," or "PMP" or "CTC." What do they all mean?

Well, those are certifications and to some employers, they're the difference between getting a job or not. Rachel Zupek, writing at, explains.

What is important about these is that they set you apart from the crowd. They show a potential employer that not only do you have experience, but you have been continuing to learn and train and develop. The acronym after your name shows that you have a level of expertise that most employers will find irresistible.

According to Zupek, "Certifications show employers your dedication and commitment to your profession. They show you're credible and knowledgeable about current trends and best practices in your field. In addition, designations polish all skill sets -- not just the hard skills you might need in a position."

Maybe you already went to college and have a degree or certification. These days, however, it is common for managers to expect their employees to continue to learn and grow. As such, they will look to see if you have added certifications since college and developed in your career as you have gone along.

As for which certification are out there, Zupek has an entire list. Such designations are: certified florist, search engine marketing, certified plant maintenance manager, accredited jeweler professional, and more. Depending on what your career is there is likely many to choose from. Doing so can ensure employment no matter the economic climate.