Dealing with anger at work

Feb 25 2009 by Print This Article

At some time or another, just about all of us get angry at work. Whether you are angry at a boss, co-worker, client or just the project you are working on, you will have to deal with feelings of anger at some point. Is there a healthy way to do it? How do you express it without getting fired? This article by Andrea Bonior on has some solutions.

According to Bonior, the first thing you need to do is acknowledge the fact you are angry. Nothing makes anger worse than by denying you are feeling it. Bottling it up just causes it to explode other places.

You can write down what it is that is making you angry. Sometimes just getting your anger out and expressing it through words can help alleviate that need to explode. Rather than screaming, try your hand at writing.

Another way is to "get physical" but this doesn't mean walking up and punching your boss. Instead, try working out, going for a run or walk. Do something physical and get out your emotions that way.

Finally, be watchful. Even if you think you have dispensed with your anger, it has a way of hiding. Are you really sure you've worked out all of your issues? Before you get into a confrontation with the one you were angry with take stock of your emotions and be sure there aren't still some pent up feelings lurking there.

Bonior has other tips you can use to help manage your anger. Keep them in mind and don't deny when you are angry, just deal with it in a safe and healthy way.