Be careful when playing hooky

Feb 16 2009 by Print This Article

You know how it goes, sometimes. The alarm starts blaring in your ear and the very last thing in the world you want to do is get up and head into work. Are you tempted to just call in sick even when you know you're perfectly healthy? Well, you're not alone.

According to a survey discussed in the article "just not wanting to go into work" was enough of an excuse to call in sick for 34 percent of those surveyed.

"Most truant workers lacked the motivation to go to work, some were avoiding the headaches awaiting them at the office. Nine percent of workers who played hooky wanted to skip a meeting, spend time working on an overdue project or avoid the wrath of a boss or colleague."

The article does warn that if you do decide to call in sick you had better be prepared to back up your claims with doctor's notes and, at the very least, a false case of the sniffles. The survey found that, of the workers who called in, 31 percent had their bosses check up on them, 71 percent required a doctor's note, 56 percent called their employees at home, 18 percent asked another worker to call the employee at home and 17 actually drove to the sick employee's home to check on them.

So, today may be that day when you feel tempted to pick up the phone, put on your best "sick" voice and call in. If you do, just be prepared. These days, more than ever, your boss may be likely to check in on you to see how you're doing.