What to do if you hate your co-workers

Feb 13 2009 by Print This Article

Your boss isn't the only thing that can make work a living hell. In a modern office, the cubicle situation generally means you practically sit on top of each other. This can be a bad situation if you really hate the people who work around you.

So what do you do if your co-workers are driving you nuts? CNN.com has some suggestions for dealing with just such a situation.

The article cites April Callis, a woman out of Michigan who works as a trainer and facilitator. She says there are several ways to deal with the co-worker who smells bad, talks too loud, is always a "downer" or any of the other situations that can ultimately affect your own working environment.

The first step is to demand some kind of resolution. You can always go to your boss, or you can try to deal directly with the co-worker and their offending behavior. Be careful on this one, however, and try not to make the situation worse.

Secondly, if you have a co-worker who loves to spread every rumor that comes their way, no matter how ridiculous, you can play the "doubter" and demand the facts. You can use this for negative statements made by the "downer" as well.

Third, you can try using humor to diffuse a situation. A well-times joke or comment can ease tensions immediately and bring attention to things without necessarily offending people.

Finally, whatever you do, use tact. Don't turn vicious and embarrass anyone. That will just inflame hurt feelings and make things worse.

Dealing with workers on either side of you is tough. However, if you are careful and strategize, you can resolve the issue without making things worse.