Etiquette down under

Jan 26 2009 by Derek Torres Print This Article

Etiquette maven Miss Manners would be most unimpressed with Australia if she was to believe the results of this survey putting Australia dead last when it comes to workplace politeness and manners. But I think the Aussies are being a bit hard on themselves.

So, what are these dreadful offenses that make Australians look so uncouth? Well, you'd be surprised for what passes as impolite these days. For starters, there's the not saying good morning/good evening to colleagues, not offering a visitor a drink, talking loudly and taking personal calls on your mobile. At first glance, this seems like a typical day in many countries I could think of.

Judging from my own experience, these are not offenses unique to Australia! I'd be curious to see the results in full as well as the final standings because I think most of us could give them a run for their money!