The best jobs for 2009

Jan 06 2009 by Print This Article

Despite the economic mess, there are still good jobs out there for those of you seeking new careers. This article at by Rachel Zupek lists a number of these and their salaries.

According to Zupek, "The labor force is expected to increase by 12.8 million workers over the 2006 -2016 period, according to the BLS. Total employment is expected to increase by 10 percent to 166.2 million over that period as well, while an estimated 15.6 million jobs will be added by 2016. While that year seems like a long way off today, a certain number of new jobs will be added each year leading up to 2016 - including in 2009."

The number one job on her list is Public Relations Manager - a pretty surprising result, one might think, but justified by the fact that companies are trying to use alternative methods to get themselves out there besides advertising.

Purchasing agent, claims adjuster, human resources specialists, and budget analyst help round out the top five. The salaries range from $72,452 per year for the Public Relations job to $56,924 for the Budget Analyst position.

Computer programmers and those in various IT jobs are still in high demand and show no signs of slowing. Electrical engineers are still in demand as well as writers and editors. Careers in the medical field such as pharmacists are also featured.

So, if you are looking to make that career change, you may want to do your research. While not all jobs listed are going to have numerous openings, one of the jobs listed might be a better shot than others.