A pat on the head

Dec 18 2008 by Derek Torres Print This Article

We're really a lot like dogs, if you think about it. Surprised? You shouldn't be, because as a whole raft of studies demonstrate, what most of us crave at work is recognition and praise for a job well done.

In that respect, we're a lot like my golden retriever Ė give her a good home and a pat on the head, and she's your friend. Give us a positive working environment and acknowledge the work we put in, and we're your good employee.

If I sound a bit glib, I don't mean to be. What I'm trying to point out is how marveled we can be by how easy dogs are to please, while it doesn't take much either for us to be contented at work. Management can take the cue and provide simpler pleasures, including praise, to get the best out of us.

It's very easy to get run down or frustrated after a hard day of work; I bet a large number of people go home stressed only to make their poor families endure the results. That could easily be changed. Don't get me wrong, it takes more than a pat on the head to make things right. Providing a positive work environment with competent management who takes into account their company's worker's needs is a huge step in making that happen.


Older Comments

An important thing to remember is that the recognition should be specific. I am often complimented 'for all that I do here'. But I bet none of the managers who compliment me had any idea what I do, or could pick out a time when I actually went above and beyound. They are just following the management play book, which mandates that managers must occasionally give their employees a 'patt on the head'.

Scott M