A seasonal message

Dec 12 2008 by Derek Torres Print This Article

The Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand would like to take a moment to remind you the dangers of drinking. Their concern isn't so much drink-driving, but rather getting smashed at the company party and having to deal with the unintended consequences the next day.

And I'd like to take a moment to pass on their reminder although unlike the AAC, I'd first remind people to not to incur beer leeriness at the company party and then to drive home. Drinking and then operating a vehicle is simply unacceptable no matter what country you happen to be reading this. That's my public service message to you. That said, the AAC is concerned about your inability to function correctly or be productive the next day at work.

Don't get me wrong - this is very important, and AAC does well to remind companies of the dangers of alcohol during the holidays and their impact on the office. I, on the other hand, am concerned about the other aftermath coming to work the next day only to find out that you were acting like a little sod, or worse, that you're actually a crashing bore. Just think of what upper management would think "clearly there's no room for Fletcher, here!"

I can't tell you what to do off the clock, but I can offer free advice for time spent on the clock or on the company dime. So, at the company holiday party, don't strip, sing, have a go, etc. And, by all means, leave the receptionist's backside alone. I only want what's best for you I'm not interested in your productivity the next day (besides, aren't these usually on a Friday or Saturday?); I just want you to be respected (at a minimum) or employed (even better) the next day.