War and the workplace

Mar 25 2003 by Brian Amble Print This Article

This weeks Management-Issues poll has been asking people to what extent they feel that their work has been affected by war in the Gulf. Our results indicate that 52 per cent of respondents reported feeling slightly affected, 36 per cent reported that its business as usual and 10 per cent feel very affected and unable to think about much else.

With over two-thirds of people who were surveyed reporting that the war was having a negative impact on their work. What can employers do to help create a culture that feels stable and safe in todayís increasingly unstable world?


Older Comments

It is a worry, especially if you work in central London. But I think it is important to stay calm and to try to carry on as normally as possible. I dont mean by ignoring what is happening, but I have noticed that when colleagues have been discussing events in the Gulf the feeling of panic becomes infectious and this affects our focus and ability to work.

Karen Smith London

If trying to stay informed about events in Iraq is distracting you and your team, try setting aside a block of time each day to focus exclusively on that. Take a look at the web for an hour at lunch and maybe another 20 minutes in late afternoon and then get back to work.

David Abbott London

Is everyone as fed up with the properganda in London as I am. It's funny that the moment this war started there were no more headlines about gas attacks on the tubes. Work life is stressful enough without worrying that you going to catch some life threatening virus before you even arrive there....

Claire Jenkins London