Going wild in New Zealand

Nov 28 2008 by Derek Torres Print This Article

I have to conclude that New Zealand is a pretty wild place, or at least a country full of people that live on the edge. Because at a recent health conference, it was revealed that methamphetamine is becoming a real problem in Kiwi workplaces.

Now, I realize that every country has different customs, some good, and some bad. However, this type of information is likely to attract the wrong kind of workers to New Zealand!

I can appreciate that the fact that there may be the odd bit of drug use in some industries, but what struck me in this article was the fact that people are actually using their workplaces to cook this stuff up before using it while on the clock (or off the clock). Talk about unprofessional (and dangerous, and unethical, etc.)!

Despite all the comical material such news stories provide us with, it's still a very serious matter! Would you want a physician who is high on meth? Would you want a construction foreman dropping acid?

Probably not, most of us would find that ridiculous and unacceptable. At the same time, how much time and how many resources should we spend hunting down mobile meth labs in the break room? The article mentions guard dog companies enjoying profitable periods in New Zealand. Surely the problem could not have reached that point, could it?