Help for those who hate their boss

Nov 25 2008 by Print This Article

If the internet is any indication the economy has not caused people to like their bosses any better than before. If anything, employees are blaming their managers for the financial crises they find themselves in. So, what do you do if you hate your boss? This article over at has some suggestions.

Author Nancy Halpern's first suggestion is to avoid "pushing your bosses' buttons." She suggests getting to know what your manager's pet peeves are and then avoiding them.

Second, know how your boss prefers to communicate. Does he like to send out e-mails? Is he the type who prefers a face-to-face confrontation? Learn it and then be prepared to talk to him that way.

Third and going along with that, make sure you know their communication style. Is he an in-your-face type or does he prefer to site quietly and communicate softly?

Fourth, try to keep your problems to yourself. Avoid the temptation to spread rumors and complain about your boss to everyone around you.

Fifth, do not expect Human Resources to be on your side. The HR department is there to serve the company and not each individual employee.

Sixth, make sure you document every offense and every issue. This will help serve your case later should things really come to a head.

Seventh, make sure you have what politicians like to call an "exit strategy." Keep your documents in order and make sure your resume is up-to-date. Manage your contacts and keep networking.

Eighth, learn that you can manage your boss as much as they are supposed to be managing you. Your boss does rely on information you give them so you need to be careful what information you give. Also, know your manager's weaknesses and strengths.

There are other tips that Halpern gives, but those are eight key things to keep in mind. By mastering these maybe you can learn to live with the boss you hate at least long enough to find work elsewhere.