Developing a "hire me" attitude

Nov 18 2008 by Print This Article

There is more to getting hired than just having a great resume. Sometimes it's the way you carry yourself or the way you give off confidence to an employer. Your attitude can be as important as what you've done with your career.

But how do you develop that "hire me" attitude? This piece over at has some great tips.

For example, you should apply to companies that aren't necessarily seeking candidates at the moment. According to author John Smith, if you read the newspapers and read about new companies opening up then you can send them your resume. Your ambition can make you memorable and if they feel you match their needs they might just hire you.

One thing that could set you apart is by actually picking up the phone and calling potential new employers. These days so many people send resumes via e-mail that an actual live voice can make you stand out.

You can tailor your resume for the company for which you are applying. Don't assume your resume is the perfect fit for every situation. Also, construct your resume so that it is easy to read.

Smith has other suggestions as well, many of the culled from experts in hiring and managing employees. They include tips for writing cover letters, and how to conduct yourself during the interview. It's a lot to remember, but if you master just a couple of them you could find yourself hired for that job you really dream about.