Dealing with rejection

Nov 14 2008 by Print This Article

When it comes to be rejected, it can be tough to deal with. Whether you are being rejected for a date or rejected for a job, the emotions and feelings can be very similar. So how do you recover from that job rejection when you are certain you've done everything right?

As this piece on explains, the first thing to realize is that it is likely not a personal thing. Companies can potentially interview hundreds of candidates for an open position. At the same time, many companies are required to post and interview for an open position even if they have a candidate in mind. It may not be anything against you, just a matter of numbers.

Second, try to get some feedback on why you didn't get the job. This can be very difficult and many companies may not want to talk to you about it. If you try, however, you might learn something. Just be persistent and keep asking questions.

Third, if you build a network of friends who can support you during these difficult times, they can help you deal with the rejection. Just like when you are in a relationship that goes wrong, your friends and support people can be there to offer advice and get you past the negative feelings.

Rejection is never easy. However, if you try to learn from the times you don't get that job, it can help you land one further down the road. Whatever you do, try not to wallow in the rejection or let the negative feelings overwhelm your entire job search.