Not getting promoted? These could be reasons why

Nov 04 2008 by Print This Article

As the year ends, a lot of workers are looking ahead toward 2009. Many of them are hoping for promotions, perhaps even counting on them. If you're one of those who have wanted to move up the ladder, only to see others move ahead, there may be some good reasons for it, as this piece from points out.

First, consider the fact that you may be a "slacker" at least in the minds of your co-workers and managers. Do you arrive late for work? Do you call in sick a lot, especially when it gets you a three-day weekend? Do you miss a lot of deadlines? These do get noticed.

Second, you may just be doing "fine" but you may not be doing enough to impress. Yes, you get your work done and you get it done mostly on time, but you don't go that extra mile so many managers find impressive.

Third, and similar to the second one, you may not be visible enough. Do you bring out ideas to management during meetings? Do you participate in groups and programs around the office? To be noticed, you have to make yourself noticeable.

Fourth, you may just be a negative person. Do you spend most of your time complaining but little, if any, time providing solutions? Do you make a scene every time something goes wrong, even if it's the tiniest of things? This is not the type of person most companies want in charge.

There are many more suggestions throughout the article. You may find yourself and your method of working in any of them. If so, it may be time to reassess your behavior and start considering some changes.