Stable is good for your heart

Nov 04 2008 by Derek Torres Print This Article

When it comes to another day at the office, stable is the place to be. No, I'm not talking about working with or around horses (which might not be such a bad life), but in routine.

As boring as it may get, your heart may one day thank you for choosing the route of stability. At least, that's what this recent study out of Finland is telling us.

That's not so hard to believe though, is it? The unknown or fear of the unknown is often a great source of stress for many of us. When we find ourselves working in organizations with poor communication, or otherwise ambiguous working conditions, it's easy to see why our blood pressure our heartbeat might rise.

Unfortunately, it's hard to find jobs these days that are heart healthy. Even the guy who has a seemingly cool job is likely to have a list of grievances for you.

In this study, the bottom line (as we are told) is this: give a worker ample training and a clear outline of what is expected and his or her health will be less stressed. While I agree that this is a likely byproduct of an ideal work situation, I'm not sure that it would be wise to draw a link between this and decreased chances of cardiac arrest.

It's easier for us to change than it is for an employer to change. Trying to take situations in stride, eat healthily and regular exercise are all great ways (along with reducing office stress) in helping reduce chances of heart attacks or other heart diseases.