Are you compatible?

Oct 28 2008 by Print This Article

If you and your boss just are not getting along, it may be that you two are just not compatible. In fact the same sort of terms we often use in connection with dating can also apply to the manager/employee relationship.

In this article, Bridget Quigg and Lydia West from breakdown managers' personalities into four main types:

  1. The Performer – an extrovert who thrives on attention and last-minute frantic preparation.
  2. The Dreamer – this is the guy or girl who loves coming up with new ideas. At the same time he or she may not be able to put those dreams and ideas into practice.
  3. The Cheerleader – whatever you do, this manager-type thinks it's brilliant.
  4. The Super Achiever – the type of boss who wants more meetings, more work, more projects and more from everyone.

The article also breaks down the types of employees who would go best with each personality type. For example, for the Dreamer the best compatible employee would be "realists with vision. A boss whose head is in the clouds needs employees who will help them focus their energy on the best of their ideas and develop plans to make those dreams a reality."

So, keep this in mind the next time you feel like strangling your boss. You may just not have matching personalities. This may require a change on both your parts, either within the office by taking a new job or by changing your own expectations.

Older Comments

they forgot 'The Dictator'...... The rules change as he sees fit depending on the situation and who is involved. He is bond by no rules himself and if a worker rocks the boat everyone pays . The intention here is to say ' see what this one guy caused you'. He has no assistant supervisory personnel that may disagree with him on certain issues so he is in absolute control. He has his 'spies' to watch and report what others are doing. He will praise you in front of higher ups. Then stick a knife in your back with no warning. Also will complain and berate his workers to his equals in other departments. If something should reflect negative on him, he will surely place blame on someone below. He is a 'master' at twisting the truth and fabrications. He has his cronies that are given unlimitedl perks to do his work. He uses the union contract to his benefit but don't dare a union worker try to use it. (see above).

ron municipality