The fine line

Oct 23 2008 by Print This Article

There is a very fine line to walk at work these days. You want to stand out from the crowd and make sure that your managers know how valuable you are. At the same time, no one likes someone who is a "brown-noser." If you want to avoid getting a bad repatriation among your co-workers, a quick scan of this article in the Chicago Tribune can tel you the sort of behavior to avoid.

  • Are you the kind of worker who keeps getting promoted even though you don't have any marketable skills? If your only real talent is self-promotion, you may be a brown-noser.
  • Do you fetch coffee for your bosses? When you do, do you make sure everyone around you knows about it?
  • Do you take credit for the things people around you do?
  • Do you fill up already long and tedious meetings with useless comments and questions?
  • Do you gossip about your co-workers or spend a lot of time pointing out the failings of others to anyone who will listen?
  • Are you the last person to leave the office even though you have no reason to be working that late? If the only reason you are there is so everyone can see you are the last one to leave, this may be a problem.

If any of these describe your daily working habits, you may not be the dedicated worker you think you are- and your colleagues may be sayig some pretty unflattering things about you behind your back. It may be time to change your ways.