A risky cocktail?

Oct 07 2008 by Print This Article

These days, it seems that many business meetings take place over lunch. But mixing eating and working can be a risky affair that, at the very least, can destroy your diet.

Happily, this article from Men's Fitness Magazine is on hand to help you avoid indigestion and survive your next business eating session.

First, always grab breakfast. This will help you control your appetite come lunch time. You will eat less, rescue your diet, improve your health, and reduce the cost of the meal by ordering something smaller.

Second, check the restaurant menu online before you head out. Most meal mistakes happen when you feel rushed or are not prepared. Do a little "strategizing" and you can get through it.

Third, if you eat a salad you can add bulk to your stomach. This fills you up, but doesn't pile on calories. It can also help you not appear like a ravenous pig when eating your main course.

Fourth, avoid the "liquid calories." This is especially true when you are dealing with alcohol. Nothing adds fat and lowers inhibitions more than booze. If you want to maintain your health plus your mental acuity, try sticking with water.

The most important thing to remember is to keep the business lunch about what it is intended to be about Ė business. The focus should not be on what you are eating, or what anyone else is eating. By planning ahead, focusing on the situation at hand, you can eat smart and still get work done.