Want to lead a normal life?

Sep 17 2008 by Print This Article

In most offices, the general rule is that you work twice as hard as the guy sitting next to you. Well, what if you aren't wired that way? What if you just happen to get your work done and want to take a little time to stretch and relax? Hey, what if you just want a normal life?

This piece over at Careerbuilder.com, The Right Way to Slack Off at Work" has some great tips on how to do that without getting into trouble.

First, remember that e-mails can wait. Too many workers get lost in the e-mail maze, with each new e-mail distracting them from tasks at hand. Unless the message is marked as urgent, you can let it sit there for a while.

Second, if you say "no" to someone, you more than likely will not get fired. Be honest about not wanting to participate in a project or letting people know when you are overwhelmed.

Third, avoid "multitasking." These days, it is expected that an employee will be on the phone while typing and e-mail and running a report. This is not how it should be and doing work this way only adds to stress.

Fourth, take breaks and, fifth, don't eat lunch at your desk. Take time away from work so that you can give your batteries time to recharge.

Finally, schedule some "me" time. If you have a calendar, open it up and block out some time to get away from work and then turn off your cell phone and don't check your e-mail from wherever you decide to get away.

Being a "slacker" doesn't really have to be a bad thing. You can keep you sanity and health without getting into trouble for not doing your work. If you work smart, you can work sane and healthy.