Head south for paternity leave

Sep 08 2008 by Derek Torres Print This Article

Where can a working father who wants to spend more time with his kids go to get a break? It might be an expensive plane ride for most of us, but it looks like likeminded men are going to have to head south - to Australia.

Why? Because recent comments from the Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner give a strong indication that the government is going to be advocating more time for fathers to spend time with their families.

While the proposal is hardly new, revolutionary, or what have you, it's certainly good news to see this recurring theme in the news. The idea that a man might want to be both a good employee and a good family man is gaining traction in the early 21st century, so let's not lose momentum.

The primary battle us fathers face is the social stigma that comes with the notion of paternity leave. All too often it is still viewed as a women's issue (or indeed right). Nothing could be further from the truth. Anecdotal evidence suggests that with a little flexibility on everyone's part, a company could easily manage productivity and presence Ė especially in this era of mobile technology and faster than fast internet access.

While many men may worry about their careers and longevity by invoking a paternity leave, just remember that a job can always be replaced; time with your family cannot.