Layoffs: the warning signs

Sep 02 2008 by Print This Article

In the current climate, rumors regarding "down-sizing" and layoffs are bound to spread. But what are the signs that the layoffs may really be coming?

An article on, Get Clued into Layoff Warning Signs" has some things to keep in mind.

If you have gotten a bad review or warnings from managers, you may want to start preparing your resume once the layoff rumors start. When it comes to removing employees, the ones who have caused trouble in the past are one of the first to go.

You may also be in trouble if your boss is spending a lot of time looking over your shoulder, especially if he never did that before. Another warning may be that your co-workers and other managers suddenly stop talking to you.

If you suddenly find yourself with a new boss, the changes may continue right through your current job. If various upper-management people suddenly leave the company or are replaced, you may have legitimate concerns. And another sign of changes ahead is if the company is suddenly flooded with new hires that don't seem to fit the typical employee mold.

Just remember, though, that there are some things that remain within your control. A bad review can be made up for by working harder and making yourself more valuable. At the same time, if your boss keeps looking over your shoulder, your work may not be up to his standards and it might be time to talk to him or her about it.

The rest, of course, are beyond your control. The best thing you might be able to do is prepare your resume and your life for a career change.