Try CHIP to escape cube hell

Aug 26 2008 by Print This Article

Let's face the fact that life in most offices is a drab, miserable existence. No one likes working in cubicles and, if the internet is any guide, there seems to be no end to the complaints employees have about their bosses.

If that's the case in your office, it might be time to inject a little humor into the situation and see if that helps improve morale.

In this article, a former executive who now teaches managers how to use humor at work, Clyde Fahlman, advocates the use of something he calls CHIP when it comes to office humor.

  • Connection – make the connection with what's funny around you including e-mails and bulletin boards.
  • Health – remember that laughter shows signs of improving the health of those who do it more often.
  • Inspiration – look toward others to help inspire your sense of humor and find those who use humor effectively.
  • Perspective – help workers, including managers, keep their jobs in perspective by using humor. This can help deflate egos.

Of course, managers also have to use humor safely and without offending anyone. This takes practice, but if it's mastered, morale and the general health of the people who work for you can improve dramatically.

It can also save you money by cutting down the turnover rate within your office and keep those workers you value working for you instead of the competition.