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Aug 22 2008 by Print This Article

The company McDaniel Partners studies businesses and how employees relate to their management. According to this article on their website, many senior managers miss a very simple and key trick. They forget to acknowledge their employees and show that they even care.

The litany of thoughtlessness and stories about a lack of caring that McDaniel Partners have collected is pretty depressing

  • The CEO who didn't send a condolence card or flowers to his secretary when her mother died.
  • Two senior executives walked by an employee who had a flat tire in the parking lot and didn't offer to help.
  • Senior executives often ride up in the elevator or walk the hall and don't acknowledge us, their employees, with a warm hello or even a nod.
  • The executive didn't thank me for my efforts or recognize me for my work. Doesn't he know how much effort I put into making this project a success?

Mangers, according to the company, need to realize that their movements are being monitored by employees all the time. If you ignore that employee in trouble, others will notice as well.

SO get to know your employees and find out their likes and dislikes. Make sure you don't hide in your office and make yourself visible to the people who report to you. Don't lose touch with the rank and file.

Finally, always remember that your company's greatest assets are the people who come in and do the work every day.

Far too many senior managers seem to feel that they have made it to the top and they don't need to deal with the "little" people anymore. That is a crucial mistake that can make your company a very sorry and sad place to work.


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It is sad enough that some senior managers don't acknowledge the work of employees, but to not acknowledge an employees as fellow human is much worse. I came across a website the other night called and it is amazing how some companies such as Pitney Bowes have managed to recognize the work of employees and appreciate them even though the employe around 30,000 people across the planet. Failing to acknowledge employees results in employees who are less motivated and likely creates more turn over resulting in less experience employees because of higher turn over in appreciative environments.


Good article


I think this is a great article. It is so true- managers who do not take the time to acknowledge their employees work contribute to the reason why so many people are unhappy with their bosses. I also think setting clear expectations and sitting down with employees to outline how they are going to achieve their goals also shows the employees that the manager cares about the employee's individual success.

Jessica California