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There's nothing quite like an on-the-job horror story to make you feel better about your own job. Things cannot possibly be as bad where you work if your boss or your company is not doing the crazy things people like to rant about online.

So here's a top-10 complied from across the web by

From comes the story of the "concerned employer." This employer fired both a husband and wife just after the couple bought a house and announced they were expecting their first child. The reason the company fired the husband is because they thought he would be mad because they had fired his wife.

Then there was the job applicant who visited a very old and very leaky office the night after a heavy rain. After dodging numerous buckets to catch the drips from the roof and sitting in a conference room to complete a written test she had the added indignity of the ceiling giving way and dumping buckets of water all over her and her interview suit. She promptly informed the employer she was not interested in the job.

Finally, there was the company who told the IT manager that a consultant had been brought in to see how he did things and offer suggestions for improvement. So, the IT manager sat next to the man for weeks, showing him everything he did and being on his best behavior. Then, weeks later he was fired. It turned out the company had lied to him and the man had spent weeks actually training his own replacement.

That and many other stories are available at Of course, the list of horror stories is endless on the web, but it's at least nice to know things can't be nearly that bad where you work, can it?


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At the high school where I work, there are people in my work area who are bullies. When they are not bullying, they just practice being mean spirited and belittling. They are not the only ones. This work place behavior is pretty common throughout the entire district. At every school in this district. From the top management down. I have been verbally abused, libeled, had false accusations made about me, had furniture thrown at me, had multiple assignments given to me at one time, have had more rules and restrictions and 'policies' with regard to my work than any one else in this district. Every time I have tried to express the issues to supervisors, the adverse affects towards me increase. The bullies are fairly confident that they are safe in their activities because last week, one of these co workers got a physical shot off, letting a door slam on my back. Now, I have to worry about physical harm here too. You ask Why stay?


Bryan, glad you enjoyed the article.

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Jacob from JobMob

Managers out there.

There was two managers. One acted like he was in contempt of his employees. The other had a thin smile and air of fakeness. T

here was another manager that didn't really care about her employees. She just wanted to run the business.

There was another manager that would one day like you but another day not like you. There is another manager that was insecure about herself and thus treated her employee as competition and with disdain.

Another manager that only cheats people and make it hard on customers when they complain. This manager is disorganized and looks for ways to scrimage from the customers.

Another manager comes to work full of her own problems and thus gives everybody attitude.

Another manager who doesn't know how to run her business properly and thus runs around like a chicken with its head cut off belittling her employees and making life miserable at work.

What is it with managers that don't really know how to manage the company properly? Why aren't there more managers that make work pleasant?

1.Work with a level of dignity about yourself and human life. (Ex: don't act and treat everyone like crap)

2.Let the employee do their job. Stop micromanaging. (Ex: stop treating your employees as airheads who can't possibly know anything)

3.Have team building events (Ex:let the employees know you care about them and their happiness on the job. Take the employees out. Connect through having special events like contest draws, picnics, movie outings, company breakfast, sports day.)

4.Provide good compensation for your employees and model good work demeanour.

5.Get involved in the community by doing fundraising etc.

6. Have employee recognition.