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Aug 13 2008 by Brian Amble Print This Article

Are people at the heart of your organisation? Do you think you're a good employer? If you're sure that you are and you're based in the UK, then why not enter Best Companies Accreditation or The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For Competition.

The Best Companies Accreditation is widely regarded as a leading benchmark of workplace engagement and the prestigious Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For Competition is now an Institution in its own right.

Organisations interested in taking part can register immediately by visiting or call Best Companies on 01978 856 222. Registration closes on October 31st 2008.

Announcements of Accreditation successes will be made in January 2009 and The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For competition winners will be announced next March.


Older Comments

I couldn't find an email address to reach Bryan, so I didn't have much of an alternative to commenting on something old. Bryan argued that discrimination wasn't really a problem for women with pay and he cited the work of Satoshi Kanazawa and found examples that concurred with Kanazawa's claims.

I wanted to point out that a lot of Kanazawa's has been questioned and debunked, so it's not necessarily a sound source upon which to make such definitive conclusions.

Specific criticisms of other papers have come from: Andrew Gelman, Jeremy Freese, Kevin Denny, Volscho and there are several others.

Nadia Hassan Atlanta, GA