Before you sign that contract

Aug 04 2008 by Print This Article

Before you say "yes" to a new job offer, have a read of this piece by Rachel Zupek, on It could save you no end of problems down the road.

Technically speaking, the article is meant for those considering their first job in the "real" world. However, the tips certainly apply to anyone considering a change in their career. For example:

  • Consider realistic expectations for your salary. If you have decided to change careers entirely, you may end up making less than you were previously. Don't assume that you will be making millions immediately.
  • Carefully weigh the benefits package offered. Remember that your salary is just one component of an overall package. What other benefits are offered? Are they better than at your current job.
  • Remember that job satisfaction is more important than how much you make. This is something far too many people who have been in the working world forget. No matter how much money you make, if you hate your job, you're going to be miserable.
  • Make a decision based on "real life" scenarios and not "what-ifs." Don't worry about what might happen if you happen to succeed at your new job. What will you be doing now? What is truly realistic at the new job considering your future?
  • Remember that finding a job is a job all by itself. If you are looking to make a change, you need to approach it just like you would a project at work. Plan things ahead of time and devote time working at it.

There are more tips and suggestions within the article. While all of them also apply to those who are only starting out in the working world, if you've decided you need to make a change in your current career-path you may want to think about them as well.