Key signs that your job sucks

Jul 23 2008 by Print This Article

You may, right this moment, be sitting in your cubicle wondering if your job is really worth the time and effort. What are the signs that it may be time to start looking elsewhere?

This article on has a few signposts you may want to consider before you start prepping that resume.

The very first sign is probably one of the best. If you wake up every morning and would rather be going to the dentist for root canal work, or spend your Sunday evenings weeping, it may be a sign that you are not very happy. If you are waking up and feeling sick only on the days you work, it might be time to start considering other options.

If you are spending extra hours at work and the payoff you're hoping for isn't happening, maybe the job isn't right for you. Could you have spent those extra hours on other things?

When you show up for work, are you actually putting forth any effort? If not, your brain may be telling you that it doesn't think your job is worth it anymore.

At every break and every lunch hour do you spend the entire time complaining about your job to your colleagues? Not only is this annoying to your co-workers, it's the kind of thing that can get around to your boss.

If you are making the exact same amount of money as when you started, or you keep moving laterally all over the company without making a single move upwards, that should be a very serious warning sign. The company may be trying to send you a signal there.

Whatever signs you ultimately deduce are the ones that you want to listen to, remember to be prepared. Don't just take the next job that comes along with a higher salary. Just because you get paid more, doesn't mean you'll be any happier.

Find the job that you want to do and a lot of those illnesses and worries will vanish overnight.