What can business leaders learn from a downturn?

Mar 07 2003 by Brian Amble Print This Article

One business leader describes the current climate as similar to “being in a storm with only moments when you are at the crest of the wave and can survey the landscape objectively before being drawn into another undercurrent”.

Tomorrow’s business environment will continue to be a series of waves. In terms of uncertainty and the challenges of managing risk, the business environment has changed for good. Global terror fears and the nature of change within the workplace today guarantee this.

What impact is this sustained period of uncertainty having on business leaders and how can they best weather the storm?


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There is a heightening uncertainty across the world and an intense search for meaning in our work and in our lives. This is more than a new industrial revolution, it is part of a new renaissance. Our connections as leaders and as people are part of this changing context.

Sue Cheshire

Employees are being bombarded with so many mixed messages. Some of my friends are being made to feel grateful that they are still in a job. That doesn’t mean that they are enjoying their jobs or working to their full potential. I’d like to hear of an employer that can truly reassure its employees with everything that’s going on in the world at the moment.

Mary Flood