More workplace weirdness

Jul 09 2008 by Print This Article

Things can get crazy at work from time to time. For most of the working world, the craziness tends to center around a co-worker or cranky clients, but from time to time things can become downright bizarre, as this piece on CNN demonstrates.

The number one story is one that really should not be followed by anyone who values their health. A juvenile probation officer, for charity, ate one of every item in a vending machine in one day. This brought her over 7,000 calories and over 300 grams of fat for her troubles.

A woman from Domino's Pizza was robbed at gunpoint by two men. As she stood on the side of the road trying to recover she was surprised when her phone rang and it was one of the robbers apologizing for the robbery Ė and then asking her out on a date.

A carpenter was found not guilty after being arrested for indecent exposure for plying his trade in the nude. The carpenter argued that doing his work nude allowed him greater freedom of movement and kept his clothes clean. He may want to be careful operating the nailgun, however.

An employee from a factor that made screws built specially hidden compartments in his clothes and brought home as many as 7,000 screws with him on a daily basis. He then sold them online at discounted prices. He was caught and arrested after having brought home an estimated 1.1 million screws at a value of over $155,000.

Then owner of a car dealership had two of his employees killed after they asked for raises. Keep that in mind before you ask your boss for one.

There are many more stories available at the link and website. It is likely 2008 will have its own list at this same time next year.