Career need a boost? Maybe you need to be single

Jun 30 2008 by Print This Article

What does it take to get ahead in the modern working world? Does it just take hard work or does it take kissing up to the right people?

Well, if you are going into a job that you hate and you are struggling to move up, maybe it's your relationship status outside of the office that's the problem. That's at least one of the reasons to love being single according to this piece, 5 Reasons you Should Embrace Singlehood.

According to the writer, there are actually several reasons that have nothing to do with your career that being single is something that should be celebrated. Such reasons are: Being able to do whatever you want, a chance to grow personally, building friendships and cultivating a sense of adventure because you don't have to worry about your significant other.

Number 5, however, is the one that seems the most intriguing. As the author writes:

"While we aren't advocating that you spend every waking minute of your life at the office, being single does give you the opportunity to focus on your career. Without commitments or distractions, you can put all of your energy toward getting that promotion you've been lusting after or taking classes so that you can switch jobs. It might not seem like much of a consolation at the time, but all of those late nights will pay off in the long run."

So, if you find yourself unable to focus on what you need to in order to further your career, it may be the relationship with your love interest that's holding you back.

Of course, breaking up can also cause stress that can leak into your work life, but maybe the freedom to fail at your career and not affect your significant other is what you need to climb to that next rung.