Are professional services firms valuing the values?

Mar 07 2003 by Brian Amble Print This Article

In the FT's recent report on the World's Most Respected Companies it is interesting to note that eight of the top 10 places for integrity are taken by US companies. According to the FT the words that appear time and time again are honesty and transparency.

But just how seriously is integrity being taken by organisations that supply and consult to the corporates and are they actively seeking the mirror the values of the companies that they supply and advise.?

More importantly is it possible to uphold values in todayís challenging business environment or are ethics being challenged by the bottom-line needs.


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Integrity is a crucial value in the recruitment industry. Along with flair and rigour it is one of the cardinal virtues of any good recruiter.

Iain McNeil London

What comes round goes round. It’s no good trying to mirror the values of a prestigious client that as invested in a good CSR policy if you try to cut corners with your own suppliers.

Nicola Hunt london

We’re finding that professional services organisations are shying away from expensive glossy brochures and websites in order to better reflect today's trend towards low key cultures shaped by integrity

Charles Stewart

It’s crucial that business leaders lead from the top down. It doesn’t matter whether you are Chief Executive or a Plc or head up a growing business.

Sue Cheshire

I think there is a real issue with the bottom line driving business behaviour for all sorts of organisations. Ths problem is far worse for professional service companies where bench time eats directly into margins - the shelf life of a consultant is one day.

There is another aspect to this issue whereby many organisations are questioning the value of consultancy companies who dispense advice but do not stick around to deliver a working solution. This is all about understanding the difference between price, cost and value - most people do not understand this.

Finally, you ask '... is it possible to uphold values in today's challenging business environment ...'. Not only possible but essential. The best way to make a business more successful, and more profitable, is to be prepared to use the most powerful word in the English language - NO. If you cannot add value to your customers business, say no - you will gain credibility and as a result, a customer for the long-term.

Phil Shipperlee South East