How to impress at your new job

Jun 04 2008 by Print This Article

You have finally found that new job and you are excited about making a good first impression. You don't want to get off on the wrong foot and head down the wrong path. The article Eight Ways to Thrive at Your New Job for U.S. News and World Report has a few suggestions.

The first tip is that, as the writer Marty Nemko states, is to remember that when you arrive that first day "your feet are in wet cement." In short, you have to keep moving or else you will end up stuck right where you are. Look for opportunities and don't be afraid to move up.

Another suggestion is to make sure you get credit for the work you do. If you have a good idea, bring it up at a meeting rather than to just your boss. Start spreading the word around about ideas you have so that if one of them is implemented, the right person gets the acknowledgement.

From the first day, "train for your promotion." Where do you want to go next? Research what people who have that job need to do in order to get into that position. Then start positioning yourself to learn those skills and move into that place.

The final suggestion is to make sure to ask for the things you want. If you want to work on a specific project, then let it be known. If you want to start learning skills in a particular area, then let people know about it and start hanging around with the right co-workers.

If you have spent the time doing the research, polishing your resume, interviewing and then moving into the job of your dreams, make sure you make the most out of it. If you don't take advantage of opportunities from the first day, you could end up as miserable as you were in your old job.

So by following a few simple suggestions, you could end up at the top of the ladder, making the crucial decisions that affect the company.